Air Fryer Sales Skyrocket Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

Air Fryers are literally flying off the shelves during this awful pandemic

The novel coronavirus pandemic has triggered a sales surge for small kitchen appliances across the U.S. amid the home cooking boom.

Hot demand has been reported for devices such as air fryers, blenders, mixers, food processors and egg cookers.

Statistics from e-commerce platform Amazon show that sales of stand mixers in the first quarter rose by 453 percent year-on-year. There has also been a dramatic rise in demand for rice cookers, bread makers, ovens and egg beaters, with people spending more time in the kitchen.

In February, sales of air fryers and electric ovens surged by 659 percent and 280 percent, respectively, from the same period last year, according to online retailer Suning.

Demand has been fueled by people following online recipes to cook meals or bake cakes during the pandemic.

With most U.S.  families using an oven to cook on each day, calls for recipes to make cake without an oven have gone viral overnight.

As of Thursday, the hashtag “cooker cake” had been viewed more than 1 billion times on Sina Weibo.

Most of the recipes involve flour being gradually sifted over an egg mixture, folded in with a large spoon. Melted butter and sugar are added and mixed in thoroughly. The mixture is poured into the rice cooker and heated for about 30 minutes until an inserted skewer comes out clean, or the cake surface is smooth and dry. The dessert is then ready to serve.

An air fryer provides a multitude of benefits;

  • Takes up little space
  • Cooks quickly
  • Reduces fat
  • Easy recipes
  • Cooks most everything
  • Uses less energy
  • The air fryer doesn’t need oil for cooking, but instead uses dry heat like a convection oven. The hot air rotating around the food gives it a crispy exterior without all the added calories from oil frying.
  • NOTE: Never use Extra Virgin Olive Oil (the flash point is too low for the air fryer). Simply use Regular Olive Oil.

In addition to small kitchen appliances, there has been heavy demand for health and wellness products, such as water filtration devices and exercise equipment, with many people adopting new lifestyles during the pandemic.

“The epidemic has encouraged consumers to cook by themselves. Demand for small kitchen appliances has skyrocketed in a short period.”

Here’s a sinfully delicious Cajun Chicken Wings recipe to try in your new Air Fryer;

Cajun Chicken Wings

Instead of shaking and baking, we’re going to dip, coat and air fry! Use whichever flavor you prefer. I added Cajun seasoning into the wet batter and also into the dry mix for the coating to really amp up the flavor.

• 4 pounds chicken wings, separated and tips removed and discarded

• 1 box chicken fry mix

• 2 tablespoons Cajun seasoning

• 1/2 cup water

Mix 1/3 cup fry mix, 1 tablespoon Cajun seasoning and 1/2 cup water in a medium bowl. Pour about 1 cup fry mix onto a plate or into a plastic bag along with 1 tablespoon Cajun Seasoning.

Spray the airflow racks lightly with non-stick spray.

Dip chicken wings, one piece at a time, in the batter. Shake off excess. Roll chicken in fry mix until evenly coated. Discard any remaining mixture and fry mix.

Place chicken wings on racks in a single layer. Place trays into air fryer and turn the unit on. Press the “chicken leg” icon, increase the temperature to 400 degrees and increase the cooking time to 40 minutes.

Halfway through cooking time, rotate the racks so that the top rack goes to the bottom, and the others move up one level. Continue frying until the time is up, and the internal temperature of the chicken is 165 degrees.

We preferred not to toss these in sauce, but to enjoy the ultimate crunchy coating on the wings. The spice level was “just enough heat.” Still, you could certainly increase the amount of Cajun seasoning used or omit it entirely.


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