Pouring shio koji over a prime rib roast.

Shio Koji: A Fermented Moldy-Rice Marinade That Ma…

[Photographs: Vicky Wasik] It’s rare for mold to achieve foodstuff celebrity status in the United States, but koji—the ancient mold responsible for miso, soy sauce, sake, and makgeolli—has done just that in recent years. And yet, while famous chefs and restaurants with dedicated test kitchens and fermentation labs have been espousing the virtues of koji […]

Gluten free cocktail cupcakes

Gluten free cocktail cupcakes

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Cooking For Your Dog

Most dog owners would never feed their dogs anything harmful, and most are becoming more informed about the dangers of certain foods. Yet despite several recent cases where commercial dog food has been responsible for the death of dogs, people still continue to feed these products to their pets. Why? Because they don't believe there […]