Air Fryer Sales Skyrocket Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

Air Fryers are literally flying off the shelves during this awful pandemic The novel coronavirus pandemic has triggered a sales surge for small kitchen appliances across the U.S. amid the home cooking boom. Hot demand has been reported for devices such as air fryers, blenders, mixers, food processors and egg cookers. Statistics from e-commerce platform […]

Duck crown that has been treated with shio koji after 14 days of dry-aging.

How to Dry-Age Duck at Home

[Photographs: Vicky Wasik] For one whole month, we’re tackling duck, starting with whole bird butchery and resulting in a host of delicious recipes, including a feast of roasted dry-aged breasts and decadent confit legs. So far, this Big Duck Project has been all basics, like how to render duck fat and how to make insanely […]

Get to Know Málà, Sichuan Food's Most Famous Flavo...

Get to Know Málà, Sichuan Food’s Most Famous Flavo…

[Video: Serious Eats Team] Mention Sichuan cooking and the response is often, “Ooh, spicy!” According to Chinese cooking expert and cookbook author Fuchsia Dunlop, that stereotype persists even in much of China itself. She visited the Serious Eats test kitchen recently to introduce her updated masterwork on Sichuan cooking, originally titled Land of Plenty and […]

D'Artagnan Is Having a 40% Off Flash Sale

D’Artagnan Is Having a 40% Off Flash Sale

Boasting consistent, high-quality products (both common and specialty) and good customer service, D’Artagnan is a staple meat and poultry supplier for restaurants and kitchens all over the country—including the Serious Eats test kitchen. Unfortunately, their prices can be prohibitive for home cooks on a budget…which is why we’re happy to announce that D’Artagnan is having […]

Special Sauce: Sean Brock on the Distinction Betwe...

Special Sauce: Sean Brock on the Distinction Betwe…

[Sean Brock photograph: Peter Frank Edwards. Shrimp and grits photograph: Vicky Wasik.] On this week’s far-ranging Special Sauce we cover a lot of territory—and I mean a lot—of territory. We’ve got Sean Brock on the highs and lows of an extended stay in rehab, and the joys of parenthood; Kenji on being a Juicy Lucy […]