Peek Inside! Sample Healthy Meal Plan and 25% Off ...

Peek Inside! Sample Healthy Meal Plan and 25% Off …

Thinking about meal plans? Check out the delicious meal plan you would be getting today! All ready for a stress-free week of healthy eating!

With our meal plan sale ending soon, many people have reached out asking to see a sample plan. Today, I am going to sneak peek inside the meal plan for next week! We send this meal plan out to all our members on Thursday so everyone has plenty of time to prep and shop before Sunday. 

Today I am going to be showcasing the healthy eating plan meal plan but remember that with one subscription you get access to healthy eating, low carb, and vegetarian meal plans. Each of these plans includes nutritional information and has the option to add Green, Blue, or Purple Smartpoints. 

Each plan can also be fully customized! This means you can:

  • Eliminate any meals you see below that you don’t need
  • Swap in different recipes if there is something you don’t like
  • Change the serving size so it works for your family size and schedule
  • Add your own items and recipes
  • Choose from Green, Blue, or Purple SmartPoints™
  • Create a custom shopping list based on your plan

You can choose to use the digital option (check out this video to see that in action) OR download a printable PDF like the one below. 

Meal Plan Sample Calendar

Shopping List

Then once you are inside of the meal plan, you will see a custom shopping list based on your family size and meals. Here’s a peek of what it looks like: 

Meal Plan Sample Shopping List


Then you will find all the recipes you need for that week. They come in an easy to follow format with a nutritional label and points. This includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and side dishes. Or you can choose dinner only.

Meal Plan Sample Recipe

What meals are included in this week’s meal plan?

Each week we include a variety of different meals with a focus on easy meals that are family-friendly. This includes a slow cooker dinner on Sundays most weeks and we also utilize leftovers for some breakfasts and lunches so you aren’t cooking from scratch every single meal. Here are some of the meals that you would be eating this week as a member.

How many calories/points are there each day?

To make this plan work for as many people as possible, we aim to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner be between 1100-1200 calories. Then you can add on to that with snacks and drinks to reach any calorie goal you like. For WW, we aim for between 20-26 Green, 16-23 Blue, and 14-19 Purple Smartpoints so that people can add snacks and drinks to reach their daily points targets. 

25% OFF Meal Plans (Ends Soon)

Ready for stress-free meal planning! By signing up today you don’t have to worry about meal planning anymore and can enjoy this awesome meal plan as well as all the ones to come! It’s less than $1 per week with the annual plan for a done-for-you meal plan.

Copy and paste the code YEAR2020 at checkout for 25% off your subscription fee!


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